Pandanda New Catalog

Hey Its CP309 aka Pclhelp 2


There’s a new catalog in Pandanda here’s all the new things!

Here’s the Front Cover:








Cool new stuff for guys:


The last new item :(



The Country Flag Shirts are now at the back.

There’s something new when you go to the last page of the catalog! Find out cool new Pandanda stuff that you can wear by clicking “CHECK IT OUT!”


 -CP309 aka Pclhelp 2



I quit Club Penguin’s Server Icicle Forever

Rockhopper in Disney Land

Hey Matt26187 Posting :) ,

Hello Penguins,

Do you like to find Rockhopper in Club Penguin? How about in real life?! Well now you can!!!


You’ll be able to meet Rockhopper at Walt Disney Land in Florida from April 30 to May 13! Of course, Club Penguin knows a lot of people won’t be able to meet him. They’ll be posting pictures of the event (which I’ll show you all).

Thats All For Now

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Club Penguin Furniture Catalog Cheats April 2009

Hey Matt26187 Posting :),

Hello Penguins,

Here are all the new furniture catalog cheats:

Click the poodle plant for the wheelbarrow.

Click the garden for the picket fence.

Click the acoustic guitar for the disco ball.

Click the word puffle for the white puffle poster.


Click the koi pond for the ice table.

Click the pinata for the aquarium item.

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Pirate Joke – Rsnails Website

Rsnail made a Pirate Joke


The Joke Is:

Pirate Joke

April 17th, 2009

Why are Pirates called Pirates? Cause they Arrrr!


Pandanda New Newspaper!

You can see the Easter egg party photos at page 5-8,The Beta Item will be released on Saterday!!!! Its on Page 3,Drawing Contest check it on page 2 or in the blog.Ask Henrys Question is Where do i buy the potions? Its On Page 9.

Thats All!

-CP309 aka Pclhelp 2

Club Penguin Newspaper #Issue 183

Hey Matt26187 Posting :) ,

Hello Penguins,

The New News Paper  Has Arrived And I Got You All The Info:

Good news for all you sledding fans! Starting April 24th there will be a new sled you can buy at the sports shop! You will be able to use the sled in the game and it’s supposed to i’mprove your sledding! Lets hope it does.


Also, starting April 24th, DJ Cadence will be releasing some new groovy  beats for you to dance to while you play the “Dance Contest” game! Cool eh?


And last but definatly not least, the upcoming events! Here they are:


  • Quest For The Golden Puffle play runs untill May 7th.
  • April 17th – May14th, New Better Igloo Catalog.
  • May 1st – June 4th, New Penguin Style Catalog.
  • Find The Collectible Pin, untill April 23rd, the next pin will be hidden on April 24th, untill May 7th.

Did you like this weeks club penguin issue Comment and tell me :)

Thats All For Now

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Club Penguin DS Elite Penguin Force Coming To Australia!!!

Hey Matt26187 Posting 🙂

Hello Penguins,

The Club Penguin Ds Elite Penguin Force is Coming to Australia On Friday it will be so cool and if you get the game you also get a Club Penguin COIN CODE to unlock items online You Can buy it from Toys R US.

In Other News:  There’s new igloo furniture coming this week. Check out the plants and gardening gear in the Better Igloos catalog that’ll be in your igloos on Friday!

Thats All For Now

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500 Hits!

We have finnaly 500 hits!Thanks viewers 😀 i might have a party 🙂

Welcoming Matt26187

Matt26187 has joined us!he will be an author of club penguin cheats 😀

How to be invisble – Pandanda

1.Go to Bear Hollow
2.Click Paige
3.Click Buy Items
4.Click the pink potion and buy it
5.Click your back pack
6.Click the potion and drink it
7.There you have it!

How to fish – Pandanda

1. Go To Map
2.Click Fishing Hole
3.Buy a fishing rod from Joes Bait (If you have already bought one,dont buy again)
4.Go Near The Pond
5.Click and spot on the water
6.If the Fishing rod is moving click the rod and you will catch a fish

Actions While walking – Pandanda

1.Go to pandanda
2.Then Walk Far away from your current spot
3.Click an action while walking
4.There you have it!

Say Blank Cheat – Pandanda

1.Ok first put a lot of spaces on the chat bar
2.Click Send
3.There you have it!

today is my bday rsnail micro blog open

hi guys today april 15 is my birth day.i will have my party later also check out rsnails micro blog its finally open :).

Pandanda cool flash game

Check it out! well i will post cheats about it i will change the site into club penguin and pandanda cheats site.your a free member due the game is still in beta if the beta testing is done your membership will end 😦

credit to dq231

-CP309 aka Pclhelp 2

rsnail site is here

check it out they have the faq before they open the blog 😀

New Pin, Easter egg 09 , Website improvements coming soon

Hi guys!

The easter egg hunt of club 09 has been released!

Heres the Cheats:

I’ll go ahead and start by telling you the chocolate Easter bunny pin is in the forest.


The first egg can be found by clicking on the light to the right of the night club in the town.


The next egg is at the cove by the rocks.


The third egg should is in the mine shack – hover over the cave and the cart will contain the egg.


The fourth egg is at the dojo, disguised as one of the entrance lamps.


The fifth egg is found by pressing on the square hat in the gift shop.


The sixth egg is in the fishing box in the ski lodge (hover with mouse)


For the seventh egg you need to click on the top of the directions sign at the ski hill.


For the final eighth egg is at the beacon. You have to flip the switch to “off”.


Woo! We did it! Claim your pink bunny ears!


Credit To Wwe Adam

CPCICP Improvements Coming Soon!

Keep Waddling!


Rocketsnail is back?Easter egg is tomorrow!New Newspaper!

Hi Guys!

Well Lets Go To Rocksnail first,

RocketSnail Website was closed due that Club Penguin was made.It was closed when Club Penguin Started.But Now Look At The Website.Its Says “Working on a new micro-blog.”
That Means RocketSnail Is Back?Lets findout sooner,

Well Here Is The Cheats of the hidden Easter Egg



Picture 1: Pet Shop
Picture 2: Cove
Picture 3: Dojo Courtyard
Picture 4: Mine
Picture 5: Lighthouse
Picture 6: Ice Rink
Picture 7: Ice Berg
Picture 8: Ski Lodge
Picture 9: Underground Pool
Picture 10: Quest For The Golden Puffle In The Stage

Well Here Is The NewsPaper,

Aunt Arctic talks to penguins about the penguin award winners. Quest For The Golden Puffle won most awards!

This Easter there will be yet another easter egg hunt! I’m sure Club Penguin will offer you a gift again once you complete the finding challenge!


Why dont you start a search team with your friends and go hunting!


Heres The Tip Of The Week!


And heres the Upcoming Events


What Easter Egg do you want this year, comment and tell me!




Keep Waddling!

-CP309 a.k.a Pclhelp 2

The April Fools Is Done,New NewsPaper!

Hi Guys!

The April Fools Is Done 😦

So That Means No More Wacky Things?No!

Theres Always Wacky Things soon 😀

Good Thing The Box Dimension Was Still There 😀

Also,Theres A New Newspaper!

Club Penguin has released the newspaper! Since it is April Fools, Club Penguin made a super crazy newspaper. There are drawings everywhere! The last five sculpture winners have been announced.


Here are the last five winners:

1. Doudou15
2. Monalooka
3. Zohannah7
4. Dj Girl Rox
5. Giraffe106

There is also a box puzzle. Fill in the colors like this:


Also on the events page, click on the pin icon to view the real events on Club Penguin.




Vots Are Here!

Quest Of The Golden Puffle:

  1. Best Play
  2. Best Music
  3. Best Effects
  4. Best Set

Fairy Fables:

  1. Best Costume

Keep Waddling!


Penguin Catalog April Fools Party Cheats


Hi penguins, the penguin style catalog have came out today. The catalog is full ofgarderning clothes. These are the cheats.

Click on the Coffee Cup, for the Black Graduation Cap:


Click the rectangle made by the lights, for the Viking Helmet:


Click the word “Fee” , for the Spikester:


Click on the Pocket on the Purple Hoodie Penguin, for the Boa:


Click on the Purple Square on the Dance Floor, for the Spikette:


Click on the Pot of Gold, for the Pot Of Gold:



Get Your Blue Propeller Cap At The Mine.

Also,try to buy the portal box.

Keep Waddling!

CP309 aka Pclhelp 2

CP Remix!

This is my friends site,

Im a blogger there too!

-CP309 A.k.a Pclhelp 2

CP309’s April Fools Party 09



Hi Guys,CP309 Here!


CP309 's April Fools Party 09

What Server,Room?

Server - Sleet,Room - My Igloo

What Time?



APRIL 2 2009

Note:The First People Inside the rocks will get to be Featured on the Site.

See Ya There!


April Fools Party On Wednesday!


Hi Guys!


It’s April Fool’s Day on Wednesday, and you know what that means… Anything is possible while we celebrate silliness during this wacky party in Club Penguin! We hope to see you being silly and waddling around with your friends in search of special boxes! There are a lot of surprises for everyone, and some special things for members – we can’t wait to hear what you think. 




In Other News: There’s a new Penguin Style catalog out this Friday, so start saving your coins to get this season’s designs! If you like gardening gear, you might want to check it out. 

Until Then…Waddle On!

Well See Ya At The April Fools!

I Will be having a party sooner.


Alot Of Things On CP Has Been Released

The new Martial Artworks catalog is out, for all of you ninjas! Their are two new items for you buy. Here are the new items.

Tea Table – Costs 600 coins.

tea table cheat « Club Penguin Cheats

White Gri – Costs 800 coins.

white gri cheat « Club Penguin Cheats

Remember, the Martial Artworks catalog is only available to ninjas.

Click the yellow penguin in the background for the Green Baseball Uniform and Cap.

green baseball gear cheat « Club Penguin Cheats

Click the Pitcher’s Mound for the Red Ball Cap.

red ball cap cheat « Club Penguin Cheats

Gaming gear can also be bought at the Cove, Dock, and Ski Lodge.

The new pin is located at the Lodge Attic. Here’s how to get the pin:

1. Go to the Ski Village.
2. Walk into the Ski Lodge.
3. Click on the ladder to go upstairs.
4. Walk towards the hat pin.
5. Click “Yes” when it asks to pick it up.

top hat pin « Club Penguin Cheats

Congratulations! You now have Club Penguin’s latest pin. Do you like the pin?


I Might Quit CP

Well,August 1 2009 is the end of my membership,

And I Might Quit 😦

Should I Quit CP?

Comment Yes Or No.


we are back here.

new funny pic:





Penguin Play Awards Cheats And March 2009 Furniture Igloo Cheats

The Penguin Play Awards are here, but is for members only.

penguin play awards stage « Club Penguin Cheats

You can go back stage through the back of the Stage. Walk towards the back of the Stage where it says exit.

back stage cheat « Club Penguin Cheats

Pick up a penguin play awards item from the back stage.

penguin play awards item « Club Penguin Cheats

Vote for your favorite plays at the Plaza.

vote booth « Club Penguin Cheats

Here are the cheats for the new better igloos catalog.

Click the Electric Guitar Shadow Box for the Disco Ball.

disco ball « Club Penguin Cheats

Click the word “Puffle” for the white puffle poster.

white puffle poster « Club Penguin Cheats

Click the Koi Pond for the Ice Table.

ice table « Club Penguin Cheats

Click the Pinata for the Fish Aquarium.

aquarium « Club Penguin Cheats

Click the Velvet Rope for the Welcome Mat.

welcome mat « Club Penguin Cheats

Click on the Snow Castle for the Green Bird House.

green birdhouse « Club Penguin Cheats

Build your own restaurant and invite friends over! Check out the new igloo.

restaurant igloo « Club Penguin Cheats

Have you redecorated your igloo yet? Are you getting the new restaurant igloo? Let me know!


Also,I Have A Restaurant Igloo!

Here It Is:

Restaurant On Club Penguin By CP309

2 New Funny Pics!

Here They Are!

Keep Waddling!