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Club Penguin Fair arrived!

 Hi! The Club Penguin Fair has arrived! It looks good! Enjoy!

The Fair!




CP309 1’000 Hits!

Thanks for a 1,000 Hits!

Party Time!



Time:4 PM PST Time

Month/Day/Year:May 7 2009

Invite Your Friends 😉


Club Penguin Catalog May 09

Club Penguin has released the new May 2009 Penguin Style catalog! There are tons of Medieval items and wigs! Here is how to get to the Club Penguin Style catalog:

Click the last window on the first page of items for the woodsman hat.


Click the dragon on page 2 for a blue dragon suit.


On the third page, click the tea cup on the left for a black graduation cap.


On the seventh/eighth page, click the place where the lights cross for a red viking helmet. Click it four times for a blue.


On the first/second page of clearance, click the sign that reads “fee” for the spikester.


On the third/fourth page of clearance, click the pocket on the purple hoodie for the boa.


That’s it for the Penguin Style catalog cheats! How do you like the new Penguin Style catalog?

Anyways, Club Penguin has started setting up for the Medieval Party which begins on May 8-May 17th. There are decorations at the pool, plaza, snow forts, town, beach, and ski village.

Credit To Wwe Adam


Spy Penguin Bandits Last Member!

Who will be our last member?

Comment with your picture(Your Penguin Picture)

blog(Should be WordPress) and youtube(Should Be CP Related).


The Dragon Suite??

Hey Guys, Look at the newspaper,See the dragon?


The last year on the catalog was green!but why blue?
Could this give me an idea that Blue Dragon item will be released on May 1? Lets Find Out!


One of the oldest penguins – Ya Ya

He is one of the oldest penguins ever like Jeff Ortan

he is not a beta tester but he is rare

his id is 95538

he is my buddy anyways 😛


One of the oldest penguins – jeff ortan

These are one of the oldest penguin ever.

jeff ortan is a beta tester but he forgot to get the beta hat 😦

He is older than sonic x and billybob!

hes id is 48

Notice:Sometimes he goes to frozen and sleet

Massive Flu

Massive Flu Called “Swine” was spreaded to U.S.A. Germany Europe and more.Its a “Human” virus from The Pigs On Mexico Then It Started To Spread To The Humans On Mexico Then Spreaded To USA.149 Killed Now.Beware Of The Virus Spreading.


The Name Of Our Group

This is the name of our group.




Welcome Baad4!

He has join our group and he is now a author of our group.

This is his penguin, called Punne 4 :


1 more member has been needed for our group.-CP309

New Theme

Ive Updated The Theme Into A Better One.Its Really Cool.Suscribe To My Blog Feed!


Rockhopper visiting Hollywood studios too!

Hey There Penguins,

I’ve already told you about Rockhopper coming to Walt Disney World in Florida, but now, Club Penguin says Rockhopper will be visiting Disney’s Hollywood Studios too!


Will Rockhopper be talking like a pirate? Or just be waving and hugging people? If you get a chance to go there, be sure to take somes pics and tell us all about it!

Credit To Lil Maney


CP309 Official Released!

Hi Guys!
Today is the official release of CP309 website!
Here it is!



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Well,Its a good hosting and i suggest you use that hosting.

-CP309 aka Pclhelp 2

The Official CP309’s Website!

Hi Guys!Im Currently Creating my Website!Soo Check it here:

Almost 1,000 Hits!

Oh My we almost have 1,000 hits!
Thanks for visiting us

if we have 1,000 hits i will be having a party!


Penguin Blogs Coming Soon

Check it out.It will be powered by WordPress.


My Micro Blog

CP309 aka Pclhelp 2’s Group

Join My Group If you want,

New site updates

Hey Guys,

New Updates,

Matt26187 = Posting Club Penguin Cheats

CP309 = Posting Pandanda Cheats

Well i didnt quit club penguin yet.


Sonic X Bday Today

Greet a happy birthday to him if you see him.

Frozen Dock was empty



Pandanda New Catalog

Hey Its CP309 aka Pclhelp 2


There’s a new catalog in Pandanda here’s all the new things!

Here’s the Front Cover:








Cool new stuff for guys:


The last new item :(



The Country Flag Shirts are now at the back.

There’s something new when you go to the last page of the catalog! Find out cool new Pandanda stuff that you can wear by clicking “CHECK IT OUT!”


 -CP309 aka Pclhelp 2


I quit Club Penguin’s Server Icicle Forever

Pirate Joke – Rsnails Website

Rsnail made a Pirate Joke


The Joke Is:

Pirate Joke

April 17th, 2009

Why are Pirates called Pirates? Cause they Arrrr!


Pandanda New Newspaper!

You can see the Easter egg party photos at page 5-8,The Beta Item will be released on Saterday!!!! Its on Page 3,Drawing Contest check it on page 2 or in the blog.Ask Henrys Question is Where do i buy the potions? Its On Page 9.

Thats All!

-CP309 aka Pclhelp 2

500 Hits!

We have finnaly 500 hits!Thanks viewers 😀 i might have a party 🙂

Welcoming Matt26187

Matt26187 has joined us!he will be an author of club penguin cheats 😀

How to be invisble – Pandanda

1.Go to Bear Hollow
2.Click Paige
3.Click Buy Items
4.Click the pink potion and buy it
5.Click your back pack
6.Click the potion and drink it
7.There you have it!

How to fish – Pandanda

1. Go To Map
2.Click Fishing Hole
3.Buy a fishing rod from Joes Bait (If you have already bought one,dont buy again)
4.Go Near The Pond
5.Click and spot on the water
6.If the Fishing rod is moving click the rod and you will catch a fish