Rocketsnail is back?Easter egg is tomorrow!New Newspaper!

Hi Guys!

Well Lets Go To Rocksnail first,

RocketSnail Website was closed due that Club Penguin was made.It was closed when Club Penguin Started.But Now Look At The Website.Its Says “Working on a new micro-blog.”
That Means RocketSnail Is Back?Lets findout sooner,

Well Here Is The Cheats of the hidden Easter Egg



Picture 1: Pet Shop
Picture 2: Cove
Picture 3: Dojo Courtyard
Picture 4: Mine
Picture 5: Lighthouse
Picture 6: Ice Rink
Picture 7: Ice Berg
Picture 8: Ski Lodge
Picture 9: Underground Pool
Picture 10: Quest For The Golden Puffle In The Stage

Well Here Is The NewsPaper,

Aunt Arctic talks to penguins about the penguin award winners. Quest For The Golden Puffle won most awards!

This Easter there will be yet another easter egg hunt! I’m sure Club Penguin will offer you a gift again once you complete the finding challenge!


Why dont you start a search team with your friends and go hunting!


Heres The Tip Of The Week!


And heres the Upcoming Events


What Easter Egg do you want this year, comment and tell me!




Keep Waddling!

-CP309 a.k.a Pclhelp 2


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