Alot Of Things On CP Has Been Released

The new Martial Artworks catalog is out, for all of you ninjas! Their are two new items for you buy. Here are the new items.

Tea Table – Costs 600 coins.

tea table cheat « Club Penguin Cheats

White Gri – Costs 800 coins.

white gri cheat « Club Penguin Cheats

Remember, the Martial Artworks catalog is only available to ninjas.

Click the yellow penguin in the background for the Green Baseball Uniform and Cap.

green baseball gear cheat « Club Penguin Cheats

Click the Pitcher’s Mound for the Red Ball Cap.

red ball cap cheat « Club Penguin Cheats

Gaming gear can also be bought at the Cove, Dock, and Ski Lodge.

The new pin is located at the Lodge Attic. Here’s how to get the pin:

1. Go to the Ski Village.
2. Walk into the Ski Lodge.
3. Click on the ladder to go upstairs.
4. Walk towards the hat pin.
5. Click “Yes” when it asks to pick it up.

top hat pin « Club Penguin Cheats

Congratulations! You now have Club Penguin’s latest pin. Do you like the pin?



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  1. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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